Boca Art is a gallery located in Boca Raton, Florida and founded by Jenny and Gregory DeGorsky. Pieces shown include various oil paintings that can also be found in the childrens book “The Christmas Pirate”

Though a number of the works have been shown in various venues they can be seen here exclusively as a complete collection. Canvas reprints are now available for those works which have been sold at auction. You can find them at


Here is a sneak peek at Gregory’s current work in process:

GregoryEvoving media: 2017
– new focus of work representing a world under the sea.
Surface – Oak Wood
Paint – Oil
Size – 4′ x 3′



“As the sun sets light moved along the image illuminating different aspects of color and texture creating an evolving, and ever changing unique experience.”

Purchase Caribbean art that is colorful, wonderfully engaging,
and sure to energize any room with vibrant scenes.

Nautical, Tropical, and Life scenes
Vibrant colors & imagery
90+ unique images to choose from
Limited production series
Hand signed by Gregory DeGorsky

Available in .75 inch or gallery mounted canvas prints 36″ x 20″.
To order call (248) 214-0211.